How To Smell Good All Day Long : 25 Secrets You Wish You Knew!

Have you ever walked by someone and wondered, “How do they smell so good all day?” for a second, I’m sure you have.

We all know that it’s just as important to smell good as it is to look good when you’re around other people. Even though perfumes and scents are important, there are a few other tips and tricks that can help you smell great all day, even if you’re not wearing perfume

Here are 25 secrets on how to smell good all day long. At first, it might take some work, but when everything works out, you’ll be the one everyone is talking about.

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How To Smell Good All Day Long

Secret #1: Use A Pleasant-Scented Moisturizer

How To Smell Good All Day Long

Use a moisturiser with a pleasant scent after you get out of the shower. When perfumes or other scents are put on wet skin, they last much longer. So, after you get out of the shower, put on your scented moisturiser, oil, or perfume.

Secret #2: Wear Lightweight Clothes 

Heavy, thick clothes keep heat in and make you sweat, which makes you smell bad. Wear light clothes instead that let air flow around your body and keep you cool.

Secret #3: Drink Plenty Of Water To Stay Hydrated

How To Smell Good All Day Long

Getting enough water can help your body get rid of waste and toxins. Drinking a lot of water also helps keep your body cool and reduces how much you sweat. Stay hydrated and smell good by drinking water all day.

Secret #4: You Smell What You Eat 

Onions, spices, and garlic can make your skin and sweat smell bad for a long time. You will smell better if you eat more fruits, vegetables, and lean meats. You don’t have to stay away from everything that makes you smell bad, but changing what you eat can help you smell better.

Secret #5: Wear Clean Clothing Every Day And Wash Them Regularly 

Every day, you should change your shirt, shorts, or pants, as well as your underwear, bra, socks, and any other clothing that touches your skin. If you wear clean clothes, you’ll smell great all day.

Wash your clothes after each use. It’s best to wash your clothes every time you wear them to get rid of body odour.

Secret #6: Shower Regularly And Reach The Right Spots

How To Smell Good All Day Long

The best way to get rid of bacteria, extra oil, and body odour from your skin is to take a long shower every day. Use a good-smelling body wash to get rid of any smells and leave a scent on your skin that will last. Also, pay attention to the parts of your body—genitals, armpits, even your feet, behind the knee, etc.—that sweat the most and give them more attention than the rest of the body. 

Secret #7: Smelly Feet

How To Smell Good All Day Long

Some people sweat more in their armpits, while others sweat more in their feet. A simple way to get rid of smelly feet is to wash them with soap and water.

Cleaning your shoes often.If you don’t clean your shoes often, bacteria and sweat can build up and make them smell bad quickly. If they get very dirty or smelly, you can wash them and let them dry in the sun.

If you can, switch between different pairs of shoes. Wear one pair one day and the other the next to give your other shoes a chance to dry and air out.

And this will make sure that your feet always smell good.

Secret #8: Layering Pleasant Smells

Add pleasant smells to everything you do if you really want to smell good.To keep smells from sticking to your skin during the day, wash your clothes with a laundry detergent and fabric conditioner that smell good.

Layer skin care products, like body wash and scented moisturiser, to make a fresh scent stronger.Put on some deodorant, and then add your favourite perfume or cologne.But be careful not to do too much. Some smells might be too strong, so find a good balance.

Secret #9: How to Make Perfume Last Longer

How To Smell Good All Day Long

These are some secrets to keep in mind while making your perfume last longer. 

Apply it to the pulse points:

How To Smell Good All Day Long

I was unaware that the scent is triggered by the body’s heat. Since blood flows near the surface of the skin, pulse points are warmer spots on our bodies. Technically, pulse points can help activate the scents in a perfume.

Where should you spray your perfume?

  • On your back.
  • On your wrists
  • Inside the elbow joint
  • The back of your neck
  • Behind the knees

Use a roll-on version:

With a roll-on, you can put the scent exactly where you want it without getting too much. It’s also cheaper than buying your favourite perfume or cologne.

Apply petroleum jelly:

If your skin is too dry, put a little petroleum jelly on your pulse points before you spray the perfume. It will make your perfume last longer because oily skin keeps the smell of perfume better.

Do not rub your wrists:

Do not rub your wrists together after you spray the scent. Since rubbing gets rid of the top notes faster, it could make your perfume not last as long.

Secret #10: How to Keep Your Hair Smelling Fresh All Day Long

How To Smell Good All Day Long

Our hair, like our bodies, plays an important part in smelling good. Use these steps to keep your hair smelling fresh: 

  • Wash your scalp thoroughly rather than simply lathering, rinsing, and repeating. Don’t pay more attention to the rest of your hair. Cleaning your scalp first will ensure that all dirt and oils are removed. After that, use whatever lather is left and gently clean the hair with it.
  • Use a shampoo and conditioner with a pleasant scent.
  • Spray perfume on your hair brush before running it through your hair.
  • Use a hair perfume made specifically for your hair.
  • Quit smoking. Smoke can stick to your hair for a long time and be difficult to cover up. If you live or work with people who smoke, stay away from them while they’re smoking or ask them to do it outside.

Secret #11: How to Make Your Clothes Smell Good All Day Long

How To Smell Good All Day Long

Here are a few things you should do today if you want your clothes to smell wonderful all the time.

  • Wash your clothing regularly.
  • Use scented laundry detergent and fabric softener.
  • As soon as possible, take the clothes out of the washing machine.
  • Every six months, clean your washing machine thoroughly with vinegar.
  • Make sure clothes are completely dry before folding and putting them away.
  • In your drawer and closet, keep scented sachets and dryer sheets.
  • On a scrap of fabric, paper towel, or cotton ball, drop two to five drops of your favourite essential oil or perfume. Place them in dresser drawers and closets. A few drops of essential oil can also be applied to the inside walls of a dresser drawer. Allow the oil to dry completely before putting your clothing in the drawer.
  • In your closet, spray an air freshener or disinfectant.

Secret #12: How To Make Your Breath Smell Good All Day Long

How To Smell Good All Day Long

All of your efforts will be wasted if you have bathed in scent but have bad breath. So, here’s how to get rid of bad breath and keep your mouth fresh. 

  • At least twice a day, brush your teeth and tongue. Also, make sure to wipe the surface of your tongue because germs that cause bad breath are attracted to it.
  • After eating, rinse your mouth with water.
  • Swirling water in your mouth helps to flush away food particles that might cause bad breath.
  • Brush your teeth after eating odor-causing foods. This may sound tough, but brush your teeth once after eating garlic and onions.
  • Drink plenty of water to keep your mouth from drying out.
  • Fresh mint leaves are a terrific way to keep your breath fresh all day. Chew on fresh mint leaves or add them to your drinks.
  • Chew Sugarless gum with xylitol Chewing gum helps to remove bacteria from the mouth by increasing saliva production. However, choosing a sugar-free type is vital because the sugar in the gum will feed the bacteria already present in the mouth, resulting in bad breath. Chew sugarless gum with xylitol. Because the sweetener Xylitol is antibacterial, it aids in the prevention of cavities and bacteria, as well as enhances dental health.
  • Stop smoking to cure bad breath.

Secret #13: Store Fragrances In The Right Spot

How To Smell Good All Day Long

Keep your perfumes in a dark place where the temperature doesn’t change quickly. This will make them last longer. Do not keep them in the bathroom or anywhere else that is damp, hot, or bright.

You should put the scented things in your closet, on a shelf, or on a vanity table. Keep your perfumes away from direct sunlight, though.

You can also keep your perfumes in the containers they came in. It will prevent them from damage.

Secret #14: A Distance Makes Sense 

Hold the bottle about 5-7 inches away from the skin as you spray the scent. Large drops of scent won’t be able to get on your skin.

Secret #15: Never, Ever Shake Your Perfume

Shaking the bottle lets air into the scent, which makes it less strong and lasts less long.

Secret #16: Don’t Forget To Apply Deodorant And Antiperspirant

How To Smell Good All Day Long

Using deodorant or antiperspirant is one of the easiest ways to keep sweat and smell from ruining your day. When choosing between deodorant and antiperspirant, think about how you want to stay clean. Antiperspirant keeps you from sweating, and deodorant keeps your body from smelling bad. There are also combinations of deodorant and antiperspirant that protect against both sweat and smell.

Secret #17: Apply Antiperspirant At Night To Make It More Effective 

Antiperspirant has a special formula that soaks into your pores and stops sweat from ruining your day for now. Use antiperspirant at night instead of in the morning when you’re in a hurry to get out the door. The product has time to soak into your skin while you sleep, so it can control sweat and smell well the next day.

Secret #18: Reapply Deodorant Throughout The Day 

If you smell great in the morning but start to smell bad later in the day, don’t be afraid to bring deodorant. Reapplying deodorant throughout the day kills bacteria that make you smell bad and keeps you smelling good. Keep extra deodorants in places like your purse, car, locker, office, or any other easy-to-reach place when you’re out and about.

Secret #19: Keep A Little Bottle Of Perfume In Your Bag

How To Smell Good All Day Long

Putting a big bottle of perfume in your bag is obviously hard and heavy. Even better, buy perfume bottles that can be reused and fill them with your favourite scent. Remember to spray the perfume because you don’t want the air to soak it up and change the ingredients when you open and pour it.

Secret #20: Keep Scented Sachets And Dryer Sheets In Your Dresser And Closet

 By keeping scented sachets and dryer sheets in your drawers and closet, you can make your underwear, accessories, and clothes smell great without doing much.

Secret #21: For Touch-Ups, Spray Cotton Balls With Perfume And Store Them In A Plastic Bag 

When you’re on the go, a few sprays on cotton balls will enough. Make sure to get all of the air out of the bag before you close it. This could be a good way to avoid carrying a small bottle.

Secret #22: Spray Your Wardrobe 

If you want your clothes and other fashionable things to smell good, you might need to spray your closet, where your clothes are kept. At least once a week, you should do this. The method will give you a signature smell that lasts for a long time and is calm and pleasant instead of overpowering.

Secret #23: Keep Yourself Smelling Great During Your Period

How To Smell Good All Day Long

During your period, you may notice that you smell a lot more than usual. Wear a scented sanitary towel, change your sanitary wear often, and wash twice a day. There are sprays you can use, but this is a sensitive part of your body, so the less you use, the better for your health.

Secret #24: Let it Dry Before You Go 

A lot of us make the mistake of putting on perfume and then leaving the house. So, when you’re driving to work, the wind and air might suddenly make your perfume smell like nothing. You could only smell nice for a little less than three hours. As soon as possible, you should spray perfume on your clothes and body. This lets it dry enough to stick to your clothes.

Secret #25: How To Smell Better Without Fragrances 

There are also ways to smell good all day without using scented products if you have fragrance allergies or are particularly sensitive to extra scents. 

Shower or take a bath:

Even if you use bar soap or body wash that doesn’t have a scent, removing dirt and buildup from your skin makes a big difference. Just make sure you take showers regularly to keep smelling good.

Use deodorant and skincare items that are unscented:

There are often deodorants, antiperspirants, sunscreens, face creams, and other products for personal care that don’t have a scent. But they will keep your skin clean and healthy, which is important if you want to smell good all day.

Put on fresh clothing:

Even if the laundry detergent doesn’t have a scent, having clean clothes may make a big difference. As soon as your clothes start to smell, wash them.

Final Thoughts

All done. Follow these 25 tips and you’ll smell great all day long.
At first, it might take some work, but when everything works out, you’ll be the one everyone is talking about.

Your Turn: Let me know how effective these How To Smell Good All Day Long : 25 Secrets You Wish You Knew! were. Are there any other tips we should add to this list? Please leave your thoughts in the comments section below! 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

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